Somebody That I Used To Know

imageStanding at the edge of my failing hopes,

Trying to reach for something or someone,

I must have been blind not to see

Or maybe I refused to recognize.

You are the love I never want to have.

You are the pain I never want to endure.

I was caught in the middle,

Always caught in the middle.

Today I’ve made up my mind.

Being with you and being alone

If I had to choose between the two,

I’d rather be alone in solitude.


I was wrong about you, wrong about us.

Maybe we don’t stand a chance,

Maybe it was just a trance.

It was clearly written in the stars,

I was blinded by the bright lights.

My mind unable to think,

My mouth unable to speak,

You are the title of the unwritten poem.

The song I hesitate to sing

Today I will let my heart decide.

Today and for the days yet to come

You were someone but now you’re just somebody,

Somebody that I used to know.


Your name is a memory.


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